Arrive and park

Map of Balmaseda's Parkings

Getting to Balmaseda

By road:

30km from Bilbao, along the Corredor del Cadagua (BI-636), 20 minutes away.


Other roads communicate Balmaseda with other capitals:
  • with Vitoria by the C-6210
  • with Santander by the C-629
  • with Burgos by the C-6318.
By train:

RENFE maintains regular daily lines with a stop in Balmaseda: (Download itinerary)

  • The Balmaseda-Bilbao line
  • The Bilbao-León line.
By bus:

Bizkaibus communicates Balmaseda with:

In addition, Alsa has Balmaseda-Burgos and Balmaseda-Guardo lines.