Trekking routes

Any time of the year is suitable for exploring many of the natural treasures that are present in the municipality of Balmaseda. Many routes cross the natural environment of the Historic Town through which you can discover its interesting heritage.

Battle of Kolitza (July 1937) Route from Balmaseda.

The first historical tour focuses on the Battle of Kolitza and proposes visiting trenches and craters in El Pastizal, getting to know the main scene of the battle starting from the Hermitage, and going to the shelters in the Terreros and Cerro Cuchillo area.

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Defensive post from the Civil War on Mount Arbalitza.

The second historical itinerary begins with visits to various places in the town, then goes to the top of Arbalitza to tell everything related to the defensive post that was on its top and also takes the opportunity to add small brushstrokes about the battles of the Sierra de la Celladilla during Carlism.

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GR-123 Hiking to Kolitza
  • Stage: Balmaseda-Kolitza.
  • Distance: 6,07km.
  • Approximate time: 1h 55min
Route details

From the church of San Severino you have to go, through the back of the Town Hall, towards the neighborhood of Pandozales.

After passing by the old farmhouses, txakoli vineyards and the San Isidro Labrador chapel, continue the ascent following the white and red marks, among conifer plantations, until you reach the top crowned by the chapel. Under its summit, a municipal refuge opens its doors during the weekends.

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GR-123 Balmaseda-Gordexola
  • Stage: Balmaseda-Gordexola.
  • Distance: 21,52km.
  • Approximate time: 5h 20 min
Route details

The GR-123 trail is known as the Vuelta a Bizkaia. This stage starts in Balmaseda and goes up to the Celadilla mountain range, which offers a spectacular view of the Encartaciones, Valle de Mena and Valle de Aiala.

It then descends to the Ayega River and runs along its bank under the cool shade of the riverside forest. After a stretch of ascent through the pine forest, it will lose height again until it reaches the Herrerías River, next to which it will approach the palaces and manor houses of Gordexola.

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GR-281 Bolunburu – Traslaviña
  • Stage: Bolunburu-Traslaviña.
  • Distance: 21,11km.
  • Approximate time: 5h
Route details

It starts from the recreational area of Bolumburu, in Zalla, and goes towards the Historic Town of Balmaseda, crossing the neighborhood of La Herrera and the monumental complex of La Mella.

It will go up by the path that leads to the Kolitza. Halfway up, it will take the detour towards La Porqueriza. From this recreational area there is a track that will take you to the top of La Garbea. From this point, the route begins to descend towards La Estación and the Traslaviña neighbourhood.

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