Nordik Walking routes

The Balmaseda Nordic Walking Center has four circular routes of different difficulty for the practice of Nordic Walking and designed for both newcomers and experts.

Nordic Walking – Green

  • Route: Sebe de Umaran (197m.)
  • Level: Very affordable
  • Distance: 5,6km
  • Approximate time: 1h 45min
Route details

Simple route that takes us to discover the surroundings of Balmaseda and that brings us back to the banks of the Cadagua River.

We left for Tenerías Street to walk among the orchards and farmhouses that are becoming more and more dispersed. We cross the BI-636 road to continue walking between meadows and small woods. Our path changes shape under the slope of Mount Arbalitza, until we come to the BI-624 road, which we will take to return to Balmaseda on and running next to the Cadagua River.

Once in Balmaseda, we can leave the road and return to our starting point for a walk by the river, without forgetting to take a look at the old bridge of this Historic Town.

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Nordic Walking – Blue

  • Route: Peña Cardeli (273m.)
  • Level: Affordable
  • Distance: 6,9km
  • Approximate time: 2h 20min
Route details

From our starting point, we cross the Cadagua River to go to the San Severino Church and take La Magdalena Street.

Little by little we will move away from Balmaseda to gain altitude, we will leave the road at the first detour to the left to take La Piedra street and walk among meadows, crops and small woods.

After travelling almost two kilometers, we take the detour on our right to continue along Pandozales neighborhood, which will take us back to Balmaseda on the banks of the Acebo stream.

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Nordic Walking – Red

  • Route: Garbea (641m.)
  • Level: Demanding
  • Distance: 15km
  • Approximate time: 4h 30min
Route details

A demanding route that will bring us closer to the peaks of Garbea and Ginea. These mountains will serve us as a watchtower to enjoy splendid views of the Cadagua Valley.

The first stretch is shared with the blue route, and then you turn around and go up to Mount Garbea. We will make some stops along the way to rest and get some air before reaching the highest point of our route.

Once up, we will delight in the beautiful landscape and continue in a progressive descent towards the slope of Mount Ginea, through which we will descend to the neighborhood of Pandozales and from there to Balmaseda.

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Nordic Walking – Black

  • Route: Kolitza (879m.)
  • Level: Very demanding
  • Distance: 20km
  • Approximate time: 5h 45min
Route details

This route, also demanding, takes us to the top of Mount Kolitza and around the valley formed by the Kolitza stream. We will head south of the Historic Town of Balmaseda, to take a track that emerges on the right hand side of the Las Balugas soccer field.

We will gain height by zigzagging around the southern slope of Mount Sabugal and gradually head towards the well-known Mount Kolitza. We will continue along the ridge until we make the last climb, zigzagging again to reach the summit of 879 meters.

Above we can enjoy the beautiful views and contemplate the Romanesque chapel of San Sebastian de Kolitza. We will make the descent to Mount Ginea and from there to the village of Pandozales, to finish again in Balmaseda.

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