MTB Routes

Balmaseda’s mountain bike routes have three degrees of difficulty, depending on the user’s experience. All of them are circular routes, with most of them being done on tracks and paths. The blue route, the simplest of all, takes us to the village of Pandozales and the valley formed by the Kolitza stream. The red route, which beats the previous one in difficulty, leads us between forest tracks to Mount Arbalitza. And the black route, designed for the more expert, brings us closer to the range of the Kolitza, Ginea and Garbea mountains.


  • Distance: 16km
  • Average gradient: 9%
  • Maximum gradient: 38,1%
  • Elevation (min,med,max): 145m, 294m, 481m
  • Difficulty: low
Route details

This simple route leads us through meadows, crops and small woods towards the neighbourhood of Pandozales, from where we will border the valley of the Kolitza stream towards its source without reaching the top of the mountain.

We will pass under the northern slope of Mount Sabugal to descend towards Balmaseda along a track that ends at the height of the La Baluga football field.


  • Distance: 12,2 km
  • Average gradient: 9,4%
  • Maximum gradient: 37,6%
  • Elevation (min,med,max): 146m, 424m, 654m
  • Difficulty: half
Route details

This route, of medium difficulty, takes us to the Arbalitza mountain, located in the southeast of the municipality. We head south of Balmaseda and take the streets El Cristo and La Calzada and then cross the BI-636 road, where on the other side we will take the track that will lead us through forest plantations to Mount Arbalitza.

We will descend the left side of the valley of the Angostura stream, and then finish the route in Balmaseda.


  • Distance: 25,2 km
  • Average gradient: 8,2%
  • Maximum gradient: 24,0%
  • Elevation (min,med,max): 146m, 491m, 868m
  • Difficulty: hard
Route details

Demanding circular turn that leads us to crown several peaks.

From the Church of San Severino we go by the street El Arroyo in direction to the district of Pandozales and before reaching it, to the height of the hamlet El Portillo, we will take a way that will take to us to surround the Sabugal mount by its south slope.

We will gain height until we reach the top of Mount Kolitza, with magnificent views of the valley. We take the line of the mountain range as a reference to continue our journey in a slight descent towards the top of Mount Ginea, and then ascend to Mount Garbea, another viewpoint towards the valley.

From here we only have to descend towards Pandozales to reach Balmaseda again.

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