San Severino

October is the month when the people from Balmaseda prepare for their big day. In honor of their patron saint, San Severino is celebrated on the 23rd.

From a young age groups are created, made up of both friends and families, to prepare an exquisite bean stew in the famous putxera, a vessel inherited from the tradition of the Balmaseda-La Robla railroad line (León).

This is a pot heated with charcoal that was used by the old train drivers, brakemen and other railway personnel, to cook on the long journeys of this line. A perfect example of what we call Slow Food today.

On San Severino’s day, the famous International Putxeras Competition is celebrated, whose first edition dates back to 1971 and has reached our days with an unstoppable success among the most prestigious national culinary competitions. So much so, that even several members of the jury hold a Michelin Star.

On the year 2017, the foundation of the Cofradía de la Putxera-Olla ferroviaria took place in Balmaseda. A project that seeks to promote, popularize, attract and gather forces around the putxera.Visit the website. Visita la web

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