Medieval Market

To commemorate the centenary of the town’s foundation, every year for two days in May, Balmaseda recovers the flavour of the purest medieval tradition.

On the first day of the market, more than 400 residents of Balmaseda dress up in period costumes to represent a historical event of the Middle Ages that took place in the Historic Town.

Colorful banners and pennants hang from the balconies of the historical center. Puppets, minstrels, musicians, tightrope walkers and an endless number of beings walk through the streets full of stands of craftsmen and craftswomen who offer us a great variety of products such as candies, medicinal herbs, perfumes or elaborations in wood and leather.

Since 1999, this Medieval Market has attracted a large number of people of all origins and ages and has become a real landmark in the cultural offer of the Basque Country.

The staging and each of the characters participating in this market make it a weekend full of magic and surprises.

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