Our main events

The three main events that mark Balmaseda`s annual calendar are the best definition of our cultural heritage and origin.

During these days, the town has an incomparable staging. The people of Balmaseda get involved in the different performances and activities creating unique atmospheres that you can’t miss.

Holy Week

Such an attractive show brings together thousands of people every year. In fact, even if they live in far away places in our geography, these people come to see this performance on Good Thursday and Good Friday.

In addition, during these days, the Procession of the Steps, of the Burial and of the Silence also form part of Balmaseda’s Holy Week.

Medieval Market

This Medieval Market has attracted a large number of people of all origins and ages and has become a real landmark in the cultural offer of the Basque Country.

The staging and each of the characters participating in this market make it a weekend full of magic and surprises.

San Severino

October is the month when the people from Balmaseda prepare for their big day. In honor of their patron saint, San Severino is celebrated on the 23rd.

From a young age groups are created, made up of both friends and families, to prepare an exquisite bean stew in the famous putxera, a vessel inherited from the tradition of the Balmaseda-La Robla railroad line (León).

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