Our history

Considered the most ancient Historical City of Bizkaia, Balmaseda posseses a cultural and historical heritage going back more than 800 years. Its town centre, a reflection of important events that marked the course of history, is classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Meet the monuments of Balmaseda

Did you know that in Balmaseda we have more than one monument? Get your camera ready and don’t miss out on the historical references you will find as you walk through the town centre, visiting the different palaces or churches in the town.

The esence of Urban Art

Discover the essence and identity of Balmaseda, through the different works and sculptures that represent the history of the town and the mark of its people throughout the centuries. Don’t miss the Sundial. You will be surprised.

Visit the Museums

The Historic Town of Balmaseda will not leave you indifferent. In addition to the History Museum, you will find others as peculiar as La Encartada, a 19th century textile factory, or the Living Passion Interpretation Center.

Annual appointments

The three main events that mark Balmaseda`s annual calendar are the best definition of our cultural heritage and origin.

Any of these days is a perfect occasion to visit us and enjoy our traditional festivities.

Balmaseda 1487

Balmaseda 1487 is a Heritage virtualization project carried out by natural persons from the town. It is a virtual recreation of Balmaseda in the second half of the 15th century, which aims to disseminate history associated with tourism in the Villa.

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